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When it comes to running a business, it’s important to have robust HR policies and procedures to protect your business. Silverwood Employment Law & HR will help you with exactly that.

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We provide a range of standard and bespoke products, depending on your immediate and long-term requirements. These include employment contracts, staff handbooks, individual policies, appraisal documents and supporting letters. We also draft recruitment materials - adverts, job descriptions, person specifications. We can supply your human resources department with a range of materials, or, we can be your external HR department.
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Why use our contracts and policies?

Having the right HR policies in place not only protects your business from legal action, but also helps your business to run smoothly. All of our policies and contracts are drafted by an employment law and HR expert. At Silverwood Employment Law & HR, we have a wealth of experience and can provide HR manuals, employee handbooks and employment contracts. You can also rely on us for grievance and disciplinary procedures. 
When you choose us, you can expect detailed and competitive quotations. Whatever your requirement, we’re happy to help. For more details, contact us today. We serve clients in Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing, Brighton, East and West Sussex and surrounding areas as well.
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We know how helpful HR tools and policies can be. For example, a good job description can help you find the right person without having to sift through endless applications and interviews. A lawful and robust disciplinary policy saves time, money and reputation. Consequently we supply standard and tailor-made policies, tools and training on how to deal with relevant employment issues. We are also happy to draft supporting letters and documents or to help you develop your own.
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We can help with employment contracts for businesses in Brighton, East and West Sussex. Call us in Shoreham-by-Sea on
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Silverwood Employment Law & HR is not a regulated law practice.
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