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We believe that the sky is the limit as far as training staff is concerned. At Silverwood Employment Law & HR we can help you train managers and staff in all employment law issues, from drafting recruitment materials to operating holiday leave and pay to managing disciplinary and grievances.

Training services

With the ever changing employment laws and practices, it is vital that you, your managers and your staff, fully understand the obligations that arise in any work setting.  We can help by conducting training sessions on a range of employment issues, including legal updates, sick leave and pay, holiday leave and pay, parental leave, fair disciplinary and dismissal procedures, anti-discrimination obligations and more.

Holiday leave and pay

Most full-time workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks, or 28 days, annual leave per year. This may or may not include bank holidays and depends on the wording in the employment contract.
Workers are entitled to a week's normal pay for each week of holiday taken. At first instance it seems easy to calculate. But, what happens when workers have irregular hours, work shifts, or regular overtime? What happens when their normal pay includes commission which can't be earned when annual leave is taken? How much should be paid for holiday?
The matter is complex: those workers with irregular working patterns may be entitled to claim that their normal pay is higher than originally anticipated. You may need to assess average weekly income based on the preceding 12 weeks, rather than simply referring to standard hours stated in the employment contract.
Our training will help you to understand how different working patterns can influence what counts as normal pay for holiday pay purposes, keeping you safely within the legal requirements set out in recent case law.

Shared parental leave

Eligible employees may be entitled to take Shared Parental Leave instead of Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Leave. This means that eligible parents and partners may opt to share the leave between them, for up to 52 weeks combined, taking leave simultaneously or separately to share the care of their infant. 
Shared Parental Leave may be taken in one block, or in a series of separate blocks (discontinuous leave), as long as adequate, stipulated notification requirements occur.
As an employer, it is important to understand how Shared Parental Leave and Pay is triggered, and to understand who is entitled to take it and how it can impact on existing maternity, paternity and adoption policies. You may need to consider how to administer requests for continuous leave and how to arrange cover for periods of discontinuous leave.
Our training in Shared Parental Leave will help you understand how it fits in with existing maternity and paternity leave, how to manage the notification requirements and develop a strategy for continuous and discontinuous leave requests.
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Absence management

Employee absence is bound to occur from time to time, whether it is due to sickness, parental leave, public duties, or family emergencies. Effective absence management can support both employees and employers. Good absence management recognises employees' needs and sets clear guidance and boundaries reducing the risk of unauthorised absences and taking advantage of sick pay schemes. 
Organisations need different policies for different types of absence: from sick leave, to parental leave to compassionate leave. It is crucial for managers to be adequately trained so they know how to implement these polices and, for example, conduct returning to work interviews.
Managing long term sickness absence can be a complex issue, and to avoid discriminating, employers may need to make reasonable adjustments for returning employees. Our training on Absence Management can help you develop policies and monitor absence so all parties know where they stand.
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